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Won't you consider volunteering?


We have many opportunities for compassionate cat lovers who would like to volunteer their time and talent to St. Francis Animal Rescue and Thrift Store. Hours of operation are Monday thru Saturday 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. for the shelter and 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. for the Thrift Store. Days and hours are flexible to fit your schedule. We will provide on the job training for all positions.

Adoption Counselor: Works in tandem with the Adoption Clerk to provide adoption assistance to potential SFAR adopters with the focus on ensuring that they are matched with the appropriate cat for their lifestyle. Adoptions are done every day of the week. 

Adoption Clerk: Works in tandem with the Adoption Counselor with the focus on completing all adoption contracts and necessary paperwork accurately. Strong computer skills are necessary. 

Cat Ambassador: Greets visitors and provides a friendly welcoming face to all who come to SFAR. Ascertains purpose of the visit and connects the visitor to the correct volunteer or staff member. Is able to provide information regarding SFAR and its programs. Conducts tours of SFAR.

Cat Habitat Attendant: Assist SFAR staff in maintaining clean litterboxes and rooms. Helps to provide a healthy home for the cats until they are able to find their forever home.

Cat Comfort Maker: Creates cat approved bedding and curtains. Simple sewing skills necessary. Advanced Comfort Makers will have crocheting skills. Materials will be supplied.

Cat Coin Bank Team Member: Assists in locating area businesses that are willing to have coin banks placed in their locations. Picks up full coin banks and delivers empty ones when necessary. 

Cat Correspondent: Write creative letters from our resident cats to donors who have sponsored in-house adoptions.

Cat Enrichment Specialist: Works in tandem with SFAR staff to socialize cats who are shy or who demonstrate behaviors that make them less likely to be adopted. Helps to monitor each cat’s normal behavior and report behavioral changes if observed. Provides activities for the cats to encourage engagement and exercise.

Cat Food Specialist: Helps SFAR staff organize, inventory, and maintain the food supply for SFAR cats. Assists in preparation for the Feral Food and Food Bank programs.

Cat Foster: Willing to provide a temporary home to cats/kittens due to age, socialization level, or medical need. 

Cat Handyperson: Assist with light repairs, painting, and carpentry for both the rescue and the thrift store. Light lifting may be required. 


Cat Horticulturist: Helps provide an engaging visual experience for the cats by planting and maintaining window boxes and containers with plants that are visually appealing to the cats and which attracts birds, bugs, lizards and other wildlife for optimal cat entertainment. May include maintaining bird/squirrel feeders. A green thumb is required for this position.


Cat Laundry Attendant: Assist SFAR staff in washing, drying, folding, and organizing cat bedding and towels in order to provide a clean, cozy, and healthy environment for the cats. 

Cat Transporter: Assists SFAR staff in transporting cats to and from veterinary appointments both in Venice and in Sarasota. May also assist in taking cats to and from adoption events and/or foster placement. A valid driver’s license, insurance, and safe driving record is required for this position.


Feral Food/Food Bank Program: Assists SFAR in distributing cat food to cat families who demonstrate a financial need or to individuals responsible for feeding feral communities. (This is a new program so distribution days/times are TBD). Program may expand to work with local stores to provide damaged food to SFAR to benefit needy cats. Twice yearly will assist in monitoring the feral colonies.


Event Volunteer: Assist with events to raise funds and awareness of SFAR; coordinate paperwork and cat transportation for adoption events. 


Fundraising Volunteer: Use your fundraising talents to acquire monetary support for SFAR.


Office Receptionist: Responsible for answering phone, taking messages, providing accurate information including referrals if necessary. Hours are 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM Monday through Friday and 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM Saturday and Sunday.


Social Media Assistants: Creative individuals to work with Social Media Manager to write interesting cat profiles and assist with gathering information appropriate for posting on SFAR website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and/or other media outlets. 


Thrift Store Merchandise Receiver: Responsible for greeting donors at the back door of the thrift store, accepting donations. Light cleaning and sorting. Excellent customer service skills are a must. Some lifting may be required. 


Thrift Store Merchandise Cleaner: Responsible for cleaning merchandise that is received at the thrift store. Light cleaning and sorting. Some lifting may be required.


Thrift Store Merchandise Organizer: Responsible for placing and organizing merchanded in the thrift store. Light lifting may be required.


Thrift Store Cashier: Responsible for providing excellent customer service while working the cash register at the thrift store. Previous cashier experience is preferred but not required. Basic math and money skills needed.


Other: You may have skills that are not represented in the above categories but nonetheless are valuable to the SFAR cats and mission. Please don’t hesitate to make suggestions and we will gladly find a way to put your skills and talents to work!

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