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Won't you consider fostering?
You will provide the loving care in your home and St. Francis will provide all of the supplies needed, including food, litter and medical care. Time commitment varies depending on the situation. Foster approval contingent upon a home visit by a St. Francis representative.
Foster parent qualifications:
  • Must be at least 21 years old
  • Must be able to provide a safe, loving and stable home environment
  • Personal pets should be spayed/neutered and fully vaccinated
  • Must have a room or space in the home where the foster kitten/cat can be "isolated" from personal pets, if necessary

Foster parent responsibilities:
  • Feed, groom, socialize and train the foster kitten/cat
  • Administer medications and/or provide any post-surgical care, as necessary
  • Provide transportation to/from the shelter and/or the veterinarian during business hours, if needed
  • Allow home visits by St. Francis representatives and/or potential adopters
  • Keep foster kitten/cat indoors at all times
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