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Won't you consider sponsoring a resident cat?
St. Francis Animal Rescue also houses permanent feline residents in the shelter sanctuary. Some of these cats are behaviorally or medically challenged which makes them unsuitable for a home adoption.
This is a
great opportunity for the cat lover who is unable to have a pet. Your contribution of just $100 will help take care of your special feline friend. In return, you will receive a photo and three personalized letters per year keeping you up to date on what’s happening in his/her life.​ 
Below are current residents looking for sponsors!
Annual Sponsorship:  $100

Please complete the Sponsor Application form and mail with a check noting "Sponsor [cat name]" payable to:
St. Francis Animal Rescue, 1925 S. Tamiami Trail, Venice FL 34293
You may also pay via PayPal or Zelle but please follow up with an email to and designate the cat you wish to sponsor.
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Click here to pay sponsorship fee

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